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Vintage Gongfu Yixing and Cup Set

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$ 800.00 $ 500.00

The practice of gongfu tea means meticulous, expert, and robust. The expertise comes from years of skill and patience, with a conscientious meticulous attention, and the tea made is strong and concentrated, definitely not for the unskilled palate. This sandy Yixing teapot will extract the minerals from high grown oolongs or strong mineral rich Wuyi teas, accentuating teas that are already inherently strong. The 6 small half oz cups are to taste through the 10 or more infusions that this style of tea preparation provides, for a tasting panel of 6 friends.  This is a vintage Yixing teapot, made in an unknown year but apparently unused, probably from the early 1980s. On one side of the pot is a carving of bamboo, and the other side, the large characters say 'Qing Pin', or elegant material.  With any luck, this might be a master work from the famous Shi Yu, a known master born in 1959. Because his name was carved and no seal was inscribed on the bottom, we do not know for sure. This set has been in the personal collection of Prof. Philip Gould of Columbia University for the past 30 years.

 Set includes 1 yixing teapot and 6 gongfu cups. Bamboo caddy shown can be purchased separately here