Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Ancient Tree Shu Bingcha Pu-Erh

Bulang Shan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

$ 126.00

Man Nuo Shu Bingcha

The average age of the trees whose leaves were harvested for this batch of specialty commissioned Bingcha average around 300-400 years old. The raw materials were harvested and put away for a year before fermentation, and technically, this is a 2012 Bingcha. The trees harvested are from Bulang, specifically Man Nuo and Xing Cong hills.  The specialness of this terroir is that the bitter turns into gan (sweet aftertaste) for a very long aftertaste.

Easily one of Teance’s favorites. Connoisseurs of Pu-erh are always curious about the “Cha Chi” or energy a Pu-erh gives off. Grown from wild ancient trees, this Pu-erh has the best cha chi of any Pu-erh we carry. Not as dark as some other shu Pu-erhs, yet still yields many steepings. Sweet notes of oak and cedar. Perfect for yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi.

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