Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

1996 Aged Tieguanyin

Aged, full bodied, smooth


$ 45.00

Package Size: 2 oz

In kraft packaging.

1996 Aged Tieguanyin was a family heirloom that was aged to produce nuanced flavors, like candied citrus, roasted chestnuts, and baked peaches. Aging is an uncharted territory and an art, and every family has their own techniques. A lot of those techniques are based on the farmer's own experiences and innovations, as they respond to weather changes these long 20 years, and figure out how to preserve, how often to re-roast , and how to bring out fragrances and tastes that non-aged teas do not possess. Each batch is a precious and unknown experiment that can not be duplicated! We are very proud to offer this very limited aged family Tieguanyin from 1700 meters in Anxi, Fujian.

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