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New Japanese Green Teas

Come taste our brand new Japanese Green teas! We have sourced new higher grade Japanese Green Teas and are having fun experimenting with brewing methods and steeping techniques. Join us as we explore the various ways to enjoy these upgraded classic favorites.

Many of you have heard of the classic Japanese Sencha Green Tea. This varietal is not known for being shade grown like its more prestigious cousin Gyokuro. But we have sourced a new style know as Kabusencha, which IS shade grown, adding depth and character to this already loved favorite.

Genmaicha is known for being a very pedestrian style green tea, great for everyday drinking but never really having any wow factor. As an artisan tea company we didn't carry this tea for the first few years for exactly this reason. Finally we found an artisan who added the toasted brown rice as a compliment to the flavor of high grade tea, rather than masking the flavor of low grade tea. But now we have taken it even further and discovered a Genmaicha using Gyokuro as the base tea and adding the toasted brown rice simply to give it depth and body. This is a must try for Genmaicha lovers and connoisseurs wanting to taste this experimental tea.

For years we have been recognized for sourcing the worlds best Gyokuro. Sadly last year our Gyokuro artisan decided to retire after a long career including winning the prestigious Emperors Cup, twice! Concerned about finding quality matching this living treasures tea, we tasted countless samples. Eventually based on a recommendation by the master himself, we found a producers who's quality not only matched our older supplier, but in our opinion surpassed it. Come taste this exquisite new Gyokuro!

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