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Sunset Magazine Voted #1 Teahouse on the West Coast
National Geographic Best of the World Top Ten Tea Companies in the World

“What a fascinating and meditative way to enjoy tea! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff. They felt very at peace and their process of presenting the teas to you, brewing it at the booth for you, and answering any questions you have. I really enjoyed the off-menu tea they suggested. It was earthy and delicious, not like a tea I might brew at home. I will absolutely return again!” -- Jeffrey H., Yelp Review

“Teance is the finest place in the bay area (certainly Berkeley) for a friendly gathering. Amazing selection of teas, the decor is stunning, and most importantly, the service is top notch, super warm and friendly staff.”-- Square Customer Review

“What an awesome place to relax and try some exotic tea! A friendly and helpful staff, combined with high-quality teas and accessories in a chill environment is a real winner. I will be back again and again.” --Steve K., Yelp Review

“One of the most tranquil places to slowly sip tea, appreciate the fine grace of traditional Asian tea service, and just be. A nice sanctuary in the midst of the busy 4th St shopping district.” -- Taylor P., Yelp Review

“It is a pleasure and a joy to come into this shop. The teas are amazing and the shop itself gives the tranquil meditative feel that is the essence of a superb cup of tea. By far, this is my favorite place to come for tea.” -- Square Customer Review

“Everyone is so friendly! I love being at Teance for its peacefulness and serenity. I am so spoiled by your quality that it’s impossible to drink tea anywhere else! Bravo everyone!” -- Square Customer Review

“I have been a loyal customer for a long time.  I don't make it in there as often as I would like, but it's a lovely place with superb tea and excellent service.  The owners and staff are all kind and extremely welcoming.  Every time I walk out of this serene place I feel recharged and nurtured.  Thank you Teance!” --Yalda M., Yelp Review

“Our visit to Teance was like visiting a sacred place of beauty and serenity; a stone fountain with swimming koi, Quan Yin gazing down upon us shoppers. We enjoyed the tea tasting and the vast knowledge of our server and could not leave without buying a variety of gifts and teas for friends and family who we're sure will visit Teance on their own.” -- Square Customer Review