Our Commitment to Quality

Leading the Way on Direct Trade Tea 

Here at Teance, we source all of our tea from independent farms in remote mountain regions of China, Japan, and Taiwan. Unlike many importers who source through middlemen, our buyer has devoted her life to forging relationships with the farmers and artisan producers who specialize in the best quality tea. This is why we choose to list the artisan, and their location, beneath each tea in our shop. 

Our Relationships with Producers 

Our founder, Winnie Yu, had spent over two decades seeking out the best craftspeople in the tea industry. The cultural norms in their home countries dictate that these relationships cannot simply be bought or demanded, but must be earned. We buy our tea not from some shady manufacturer, but from artisans who have spent their lives perfecting their craft and who have deemed our buyer worthy of appreciating their art. 

Our Commitment to Single Origin Tea

Whenever possible, we source teas from a single farm for the best quality and experience. Many other tea companies can tell you the region from which they source their product, but it may be blended from multiple farms, muddling the true taste of the leaves. We are committed to providing the most detailed information possible about our sourcing practices, so that our customers can be sure they know exactly where their tea was grown, and exactly what it should taste like. 

Our Fair Price Promise

Because we source all our teas – rare, high quality, handcrafted - from some of the most highly respected producers in their regions, we strive to pay fair prices for their products. It is our goal to always create sustainable relationships with our producers and ensure that they can continue to honor the traditions of their families through tea. Many of our teas are commissioned exclusively to ensure that the techniques used to make them are not lost with the passing of time. When you savor a cup of tea from Teance, you can be sure that your enjoyment was passed along to the producer with the utmost respect for their work.