Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

The Tea - Aroma & Tasting Families:

Flavor is a combination of aroma, taste, and touch (the liquor of the tea). When in unison this triad creates a perfectly balanced tea. We curate every tea with this in mind, searching for each season's shining stars. 

We've collected our teas into twelve main tasting categories.  These tasting notes can be subtle, and should not be confused with flavored teas. No oils, sprays or any other artifical scent or flavor is added to our artisanal tea. Much like single origin coffee or wine from a particular terroir the tea is masterfully made and the natural tasting notes are lovingly coaxed out of each leaf.

HEAD NOTES: Bright notes at the forefront of the aroma that rapidly diffuse.
HEART NOTES: Central notes that are heavier and more persistent. 
BACKGROUND NOTES: Lingering notes that develop throughout the tasting.



CITRUS NOTES: lemon, lime, orange

Our Top Recommendation: Tieguanyin Light: a full gardenia  floral front with a bright lightly sour finish that lingers.

CASSIA:  straw, tobacco, hay

Our Top Recommendation: Tung Ting Cold Summit: full floral with an amazing nutty straw finish from our favorite tea master Mrs. Su.

FLORAL NOTES: lilac, lily of the valley, rose, hyacinth

Our Top Recommendation: Baochong Premium: lush gardenia notes fill this top of the class Oolong. Staff Favorite.

EARTH:  humus, wet leaves, cave, forest

Our Top Recommendation: 5 Year Aged Shu Pu-erh: deep and sweet earth and hot summer garden notes from this naturally aged Pu-erh.



FRUITY NOTES: apple, melon, stone fruit, apricot, mango

Our Top Recommendation: Phoenix Single Grove Honey Fragrance: strong cooked papaya and honey throughout balanced with woody background notes.


MARINE NOTES:  seaweed, oyster, ocean

Our Top Recommendation: Karigane Kukicha: limited batch of a wonderful Japan Green Tea. Asparagus, Umami, and Seaweed: what's not to like?


MILKY NOTES:  fresh butter, milk, cream

Our Top Recommendation: Lu Shan Clouds & Mist: one of our best sellers, buttery and snap pea notes with a slightly thick liquor, grown on misty cliffs.

VEGETAL:  green stems, cut grass, fresh moss

Our Top Recommendation: Wako Matcha: creamy and robust with bright summer grass notes. Made from the finest Gyokuro.

SPICY NOTES:  cardamon, coriander, curry

Our Top Recommendation: Bailin Gongfu Premium: spicy and malty with chocolate and tobacco notes. Handmade and better then any commercially made black tea you'll ever taste.

TOASTED NOTES:  caramel, grilled, smoked, nutty

Our Top Recommendation: Burnt Sugar Red: gingerbread and caramel notes are at the heart of this limited Hongcha by Miss Lin.

VANILLA NOTES:  biscuit, vanilla, dough

Our Top Recommendation: 18 Year Aged Pu-erh: a deep and naturally aged pu-erh, smooth, sweet, and earthly; exactly as it should be. A perfect example of Shu Pu-erh.

WOODY NOTES: sandalwood, sawdust, cedar, pine

Our Top Recommendation: