Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Teance began more than 15 years ago as a passion project amongst friends in Berkeley, California, with the goal of providing a context for our customers to experience the finest teas in the world. We wanted to create a space to bridge the gap between the ancient and long-refined tea culture of the East and the tastes of the West, through traditional tea service, education, and storytelling.    

Over the course of the last decade, Teance has become the East Bay's premier destination for the highest quality, direct trade, single origin, and rare teas. Our humble tea house expanded to a retail store and tea tasting bar, artfully designed to complement our unique selection and skillful tea service. 

As pioneers we believe the fullest expression of each unique tea lies at the nexus of tradition, seasonality, and craft. It is our mission to share these amazing teas with our customers, and continue to provide the cultural and historical context behind them through in-depth artisan producer profiles, detailed product information, and continuing education. 

We welcome you to visit our tea house on Fourth Street in Berkeley, California if you are in the neighborhood where one of our team will be happy to prepare a tea tasting for you.