La Chinoiserie

Saturdays and Sundays at Teance are Pastry Days - Enjoy a pairing of our fine teas with the handcrafted pastries from the hand of Joyce Tang. La Chinoiserie is the meeting of two culinary identities - a contemporary approach to French-style patisserie lovingly infused with a dose of Asian Americana.

Saturday Pastry Menu

Cookies & Cakes - $4

 Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cookie made with valrhona satilla 62% chocolate chips.
 Almond Cake
Almond Cake made of butter, Californian-grown almond paste and topped with sliced almonds and a little crunch from demerara sugar and cocoa nib.


Pastries - $5

 Strawberry Matcha Sugar Morning Bun
Croissant dipped in matcha sugar and filled with housemade strawberry curd.
 Green Onion Croissant
Croissant enveloped in black and white sesame seeds. Studded inside with green onions, maldon sea salt and toasted sesame oil.
 Corn Cheese Danish
A roasted corn, cheese mornay sauce seasoned with spices on a buttery danish.
 Spam Musubi Croissant
Croissant dough wrapped around seaweed and seasoned spam, topped with cheese and a housemade togarashi.
 Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart
Tender pieces of our croissant dough tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Baked until sugar caramelizes.
 Chocolate Chocolate Croissant
Croissant filled with housemade chocolate sauce and three 55% cacao valrhona chocolate batons.