Ancient Tree Shu Bingcha Pu-Erh
Ancient tree pu-erh tree.
Bulang Shan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Ancient Tree Shu Bingcha Pu-Erh

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Man Nuo Shu Bingcha

The average age of the trees whose leaves were harvested for this batch of specially-commissioned Bingcha average around 300-400 years old. The raw materials were harvested in 2012 to age naturally before fermentation and pressing in 2016. The trees harvested are from Bulang Shan, specifically Man Nuo and Xing Cong hills.  This terroir is known for a strong profile with a bitter front that transforms into a pleasant gan (sweet aftertaste).

Easily one of Teance’s favorites. Connoisseurs of Pu-erh are always curious about the “Cha Chi” or energy a Pu-erh gives off. Grown from wild ancient trees, this Pu-erh has the best cha chi of any Pu-erh we carry. Not as dark as some other shu Pu-erhs, yet still yields many steepings. Sweet notes of oak and cedar. Perfect for yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi.

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