Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Pure hand-made Bamboo Yixing Teapot


$ 2,100.00

This pot was made by a National craft artist - Xiliang Chen.

In Chinese tradition, bamboo symbolizes the elasticity, longevity, happiness and spiritual truth of life, while in Japan, bamboo is a symbol of truth and dedication.

The whole pot is designed from a bamboo. The pot handle is made by bending the traits of the bamboo without folding it. The body of the kettle uses the hollow structure of the bamboo. The author skillfully uses the purple sand mud to slowly enlarge the slender hollow of the bamboo, and finally makes a round shape, which is unique in concept;

This yixing teapot pours beautifully - the beak points up slightly at the pour and makes a strong even stream. 

15 oz

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