Jasmine Pearls
Jasmine Pearls
Jasmine Pearls
Jasmine Pearls
Fuding, Fujian, China

Jasmine Pearls

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Oxidation: Unoxidized
Production: Pan Dried, Jasmine Flowers Layered and Absorbed
Farming: Traditional
Attributes: Refreshing & Heightening

Summer in subtropical Fujian, when the monsoons are at bay, is the only time of year to pick the night blooming, Arabic jasmine that gives this green tea its exquisite fragrance. Unopened buds are laid over beds of Fujian green tea leaves and left to blossom overnight. Every evening, the spent blooms are replaced with a fresh harvest. This is repeated four or five times until the leaves are finally rolled with fresh jasmine into tender pearls. The result is a smooth, sweet and viscous liquor with a distinct jasmine fragrance lingering well after your first sip.

Steeping Guidelines:
4g or 1t | 8oz. @ 180˚F | 1 minute
Use a glass or porcelain teapot. Drain completely and serve. 
Please re-infuse 5 or more times. 
Serves 35  8oz. cups per 1oz. of whole leaf tea

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