White Down
Mr. Lin - Fuding, Fujian, China

White Down

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Oxidation: Unoxidized
Production: Hot Air Dried 
Farming: Traditional farming
Attributes: Calming & High Antioxidants

It takes more than 30,000 meticulously handpicked buds to yield just one pound of White Down (also known as Baihao Yinzhen), made from one of the oldest, original white varietals from the one and only true origin at Fuding, Fujian, China. Its sparkling bright fragrance and refreshingly light stone fruit and fresh melon flavors are at their absolute best in early spring—peak harvest for this seasonal favorite. A truly artisanal offering of unmatched quality.

Best enjoyed fresh, careful storage allows for continued savoring well throughout the year.

Steeping Guidelines:
4g or 1T | 8oz. @ 190˚F | 1 minute
Use a glass or porcelain teapot. Drain completely and serve.
Please re-infuse 5 or more times.
Serves 35  8oz. cups per 1oz. of whole leaf tea


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