Ceylon OP Estate Blend for Cold Brew
Sri Lanka

Ceylon OP Estate Blend for Cold Brew

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Retail package contains 10 x 10g sachets.


Elevation: 1000-2000 Meters
Varietal: Orthodox Black
Oxidation: 90-100%
Production: Machine made
Caffeine: High 

This stimulating, British-style tea boasts woody, hickory notes and a pleasantly balanced smoothness. The leaves are fine, delicate in shape, and produce a lovely russet-hued infusion. Save space in your refrigerator during the summer months: this is the perfect refreshment for picnics and dog days on the porch.

For those faithful to a good, hot steep, try the original Ceylon Orange Pekoe Estate Blend.

Cold Brew tea preparation: Place one or two sachets in a half-gallon container of cool filtered water. Chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4-5 hours. Steep longer for a stronger tea.

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