Darjeeling 2nd Flush - Goomtee
Darjeeling 2nd Flush - Goomtee
Goomtee Estate - Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling 2nd Flush - Goomtee

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Oxidation: 100%
Production: Machine Made
Attributes: Invigorating & Enlivening

This is the second-flush harvest of Indian black tea handpicked from Goomtee Estate*, a pioneering, sustainable farm in the heart of Darjeeling, in operation since 1899. 

Darjeeling 2nd Flush is fully oxidized like a typical black tea, yet carries the rich floral quality only a Darjeeling can offer. 2nd flush simply means second picking of leaves. These leaves are of the highest quality, only trumped by the first flush. In a season there are a total of 44 flushes, with the 3rd through 44th being used for low quality teabags. Meant to be enjoyed all on its own but has enough body to handle milk or sugar. Pairs with nuts and dried fruits, heavier cheeses, raspberry chocolate cake.

*The farmers of this region are known for the incredible care they take of their pickers. The pickers are given incredible wages, heath care, and a retirement plan. Not only that, but the children of the pickers are also ensured proper schooling.I

Steeping Guidelines:
4g or 1t | 8oz. @ 205˚F | 1 minute
Use a yixing or porcelain teapot. Drain completely and serve. 
Please re-infuse 7 or more times. 
Serves 49  8oz. cups per 1oz. of whole leaf tea

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