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Devoted Tea Drinkers Share Their Stories

Recently we reached out to our tea community and asked them to share their most inspired teance tea moments. As the stories continue to return to us, we will post them here.  

" Teance – even the name sounds like a sigh of pleasure. Its cordial elegance casts a spell, invites to relax, contemplate, let go. If you “love tranquil solitude, and such society as is quiet, wise, and good,” your place is with us, the hardened and shameless tea-drinkers. The tea bar offers exciting, exotic elixirs – they have been known to open up the senses, warm the heart, or even blow your mind. I have too many memories of great varieties of teas over the years, from comely, charming everyday brews to rare, majestic gems. Who could forget Yellow Branch Orchid – noble, exquisite, and subtly potent even after three years--or elusive, transcendent Song Zhong, with its power to pull you into the deepest deep. Teance is a rare opportunity to experience the best of a very ancient tea culture, which may be too fragile for the fast rigors of the 21st century, but I have hope, and the commitment to support it in what way I can."  -- Elena B., A Hardened and Shameless Tea-Drinker.


"Every day I drink beautiful whole leaf tea from Teance. Over the years, Teance has opened a whole world for me and my family, through tea tastings, afternoons spent at the tea bar, and, for several years, monthly meetings of the kid’s tea club. My understanding of tea culture and of the extraordinary diversity of tea continues to expand with each new season, as fresh crops, different varietals, and teas made using new processing techniques come into the shop. My sense of tea as a static commodity has been replace by the knowledge that tea is a dynamic artisanal product, the unique result of individual farmers and craftspeople working in a specific landscape and within a profound historical context. All that—in one cup! Sharing a delicious pot of tea with friends, or enjoying one quietly on my own, has become one of life’s indispensible pleasures. "    --Rachel


"I had always remembered matcha as a tea that tasted a bit fishy — until a Teance tea tasting event, when Winnie offered to whisk some matcha. The bright green frothy tea in a stunning black bowl swept away my reservations and the delicate savory flavor was far from fishy. My friend and I, hopeless tea fans, slurped up every drop. That first sip of Choan matcha at Teance changed my mornings forever.

I have to mention something that may be sacrilegious for a tea purist like Winnie—Teance pu-erh and matcha teas have allowed me to create a healthy appetite suppressant. J I’m a weight loss nutritionist always on the lookout for something hedonistic that supports weight loss. I’ve found that blending grassfed organic butter and coconut oil with Teance’s Tibetan mushroom pu-erh, or a bit of pastured cream with Wako matcha, creates a slimming, healthful and hedonistic breakfast drink my clients and I thoroughly enjoy."   -- Dr Heidi D., nutritionist and author


February 12, 2016 by Teance Fine Teas