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In a hurry? No time to steep or drink that refreshing pot of tea? Freeleaf makes perfect whole leaf tea on-the-go. Place a tea bouquet in your thermos or commuter cup, add hot water, and it's as simple as that.

Sip these at your leisure. Unlike the conventional tea bag, Freeleaf gives you more flavor over time, but never gets bitter. Time is on your side, so you can hurry slowly. These beautiful blooming bouquets unfurl in your cup for a delightful experience. Freeleaf is different than other such teas you may find elsewhere. Teance is distinguished by premium, hand-picked whole leaves from small, family farms in China and Taiwan. These are then hand-tied into bundles, removable by their string. The best part is the genuine palate and aroma of whole-leaf tea, with the convenience of a bag! Because of its tether, you can now easily enjoy a fresh, delicious cup of tea without a pot or strainer. In Freeleaf, you have
whole leaf benefits, amazing flavor, and simplicity.

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